Art & Vintage Marketplace Summer Faire June 21st

More Fun –
Better Shopping –
A Place to Learn –
Explore the Countryside –
ALL ROLLED INTO 5 FABULOUS HOURS – Saturday, June 21st, 2014!

An art show, a flea market, the best of a farmers market, kids activities, fresh country air, a picturesque historic 110 acre farm!!!

A Special BIG THANKS goes to our Music Volunteers: John Richter will be at the Lone Horse Design booth, and a trio from Estacada who call themselves Frank and Beans will also be on hand.

All this is less than a 10 minute drive from Oregon’s I-205 exit 10  or exit 12! WOW!

3Chicks Poster June 21 2014

At 3 Chicks events you will find artwork/projects/information/products all produced by these amazing talented local people and their companies:  cher tollefson, kris tabor, susan effenberger, brenda scott, gretchen o’brien, tacy jones, jani moore, doug brugger, dr. victoria l. larsen, living stones pdx, pam helling, suzzane haddix, womens connections community, kipling rock farm, ed and rob at utopia custom furniture, the historic kirchem farm, and wlpt – women learning photography together. And of course a special thanks goes to all of our service oriented friends and family who will be assisting us all!

3 Chicks Events = local vintage shabby chic oregon art crafts furniture handmade original jewelry rural farm plants countryside gardening food fun friends farmhouse style historic one of a kind local organic biodynamic produce June 21st October 18th Summer Faire Fall Faire heirloom Pumpkin Festival family friendly leave the dogs at home kind of a day : ) THANKS!


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